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Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Kyndal Bredehoeft

Chapter President

Hometown: Oak Grove, MO Pledge Class: Fall '17 Major: Exercise Science and Psychology Post-Grad Plans: Attend graduate school to obtain my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree Past Tri Involvement: ARC Leader and New Member Education Assistant Campus Involvement: VP of internal relations for Order of Omega, Pre-PT/OT club, Phi Epsilon Kappa. Favorite Tri Sigma Memory: Being a part of Lip Sync for Greek Week and watching Tri Sigma dominate in every award category! It was so much fun to get dance and perform alongside other girls in the sorority... even if we were dressed as Ooompa Loompas! Hopes for the Chapter: I hope to see our chapter continue to thrive on campus both through involvement and academics. I also hope to see all of our members experience growth this year, big or small, as they continue to become strong women and successful leaders in Tri, classes, and life after college.

Emily Balke

Vice President of Operations

Hometown: Clinton, MO Major: Accounting Post-Grad Plans: Work for the tax department at KPMG in Kansas City Past Involvement in Tri Sigma: Sisterhood Co-Chair Favorite Tri Sigma Memory: Living in Boathouse and just getting to make silly memories with my sisters daily! Hopes for the chapter: I hope that as a chapter we are able to make a difference on our campus while maintaining good grades and having fun!

Halle Kissell

Recruitment Director

Hometown: Wayland, IA Pledge class: Fall '17 Major: Justice systems Minor: Political Science Post-Grad Plans: Attend law school Past Tri involvement: PR chair, education committee Favorite part of Tri Sigma: I’ve enjoyed meeting some of my best friends and getting to do life with them. Tri has surrounded me with an amazing, diverse group of girls who consistently push me to do be the best version of myself. What your hopes are for the chapter/what you are looking forward to involving Sigma: I hope that our chapter can continue to grow and flourish and give many other girls the amazing support system and memories it has given me.

Kate O'Toole


Hometown: Defiance, MO Pledge class: Fall 17 Major: Finance Minor: Mathematics Post-Grad Plans: Get a job at a financial firm and potentially go back to school for my masters Past Tri involvement: Arc leader, recruitment committee Favorite Tri Sigma memory: My favorite parts of Tri Sigma are the friends I’ve made, involvement in lip sync, participation in IMs and events that are held, and the many leadership opportunities that are available. What are your hopes and dreams for the chapter?: I hope Tri Sigma continues to have a strong sisterhood with wonderful role models. I hope we continue to flourish in our academics and involvements on and off campus.

Alexa Hernandez

Vice President of New Member Education

Hometown: Oak Grove, MO Pledge Class: Fall 17 Major: Exercise Science Post-Grad Plans: Physical Therapy Program/Grad School Past Tri Involvement: Honor council secretary, sisterhood chairman, lipsinc comittee, preference committee Other Involvement on campus: Pre -PT/OT, PEK, Psych club Favorite Part of Tri Sigma: The close friendships I’ve made that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’ve found my home within sigma and friendships that will last a lifetime. Hopes for the chapter: I hope that we can continue to grow! I hope that MU chapter continues to have impact on the lives within the Kirksville community as well as strives to grow the reach of that impact. I hope that members will pursue opportunities for growth while making everlasting bonds of friendship.

Taylor Storms

Education Director

Hometown: Wentzville, MO Pledge class: Fall 18 Major: Biology Minor: Psychology Post-Grad Plans: I will attend an accelerated nursing program to earn my BSN. Past Tri involvement: Motivation committee head, Summer Sunshine committee head, education team member, Arc leader Other Involvement on campus: I am the Vice President of Circle K and will be starting a Women’s Ministry with a group of other gals this fall. Favorite Tri Sigma memory: I love that I have met such a loving group of women! My favorite memory is my baptism in February 2019 with my sisters there to support and celebrate with me. Hopes for the chapter: My hopes for our chapter are that we can continue to boost involvement within Tri Sigma.

Mary Claire Hogan

Risk Manager

Hometown: St. Louis, MO Pledge Class: Fall17 Major: Health Science Minor: French, Biology Post-Grad Plans: Hoping to eventually work in Women’s Health Past Tri Sigma Involvement: Summer Sunshine Committee Chair, Corresponding Secretary Other Involvement on campus: I work at the Women’s Resource Center! Favorite memory: Getting to live with my best friends in the whole world Hopes for chapter: I hope we continue to be an organization that empowers and inspires its members to be the best versions of themselves

Kenzie Snyder


Hometown: Grain Valley, MO Pledge Class: Fall'17 Major: Nursing Post-Grad Plans: Move in with my best friend, take the NCLEX, become a nurse! Past Tri Sigma Involvement: Motivation Chair, Arc Leader, Education Committee, Recruitment Motivation Co-director, Retreat Chair, Honor Council Goals Coordinator, C-Team IM 4-sport athlete Campus Involvement: Greek Life GSA (Corresponding Secretary), Order of Omega (Secretary), Nursing Students Association (Secretary), Sigma Theta Tau Favorite memory: Going to The Dunham Women of Character Institute the summer before my Sophomore year and learning all about the foundation and our philanthropies, then coming back and getting to tell my sisters all about it! And living with my sisters of course!! Hopes for the chapter: I hope that we continue to excel on our campus in grades, Greek Week Championships, IMs, and being so fun!!

Clare Fults


Hometown: Pledge Class: Major: Post-Grad Plans: Past Tri Involvement: Fav Tri Sigma Memory: Hopes for the Chapter: